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Earth-body: Self Discovery Through Earth Discovery

The talk is about the Earthbody website. It includes:
How EB works
Why would you buy readings
How to use readings
And general How To’s on the site, like how to purchase readings, and how to use the Crystal Map and other free elements on the website.


I Am Colette, general manager of Earthbody. I also author the EARTH-BODY Blog pages.

Earthbody was created by Salome Pouroulis, spiritual scientist and holder of degrees in Geology, Archaeology and the Earth Sciences, an Honors degree in Geology and a Masters in Business Administration.

I was blessed to know Salome throughout her journey of discovering Earthbody’s existence and expression thereof. I benefited from learning about the multiple ways in which our world and Mother Earth assist us in the form of ground support.

My passion is the ‘power in support’. Emotional & mental healing takes place when we are journeying through life with awareness and using consciousness in motion. We are all very capable of many, many things – this is often more easily realized when we know and feel that we truly are not in this alone. Earthbody allows me to continuously feel into and serve others through the mothering support of our Earth. I get to teach and guide from the heart. I get to honor the life of my special friend by managing her legacy. Working on and with Earthbody is an expression of my personal strengths and abilities.

I am looking forward to sharing with you my intuitive understanding and expression of Salome’s legacy, so that you too can benefit from her wisdom and creation, as you proceed along life’s self discovery, through Earth discovery.



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