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Power of You

Fundamental Principles and Powerful Actions to create an Extraordinary Life
You already have ALL that it takes, to live an extraordinary life, whatever that means to you. Join my session, and you will start to realise how and why.


To be born with Haemophilia is not an easy card to have been dealt in life – it involves waking up and going to bed every day in constant pain.
It involves days where I can not leave my bed.
It involves warming up my ankles a minimum of one hour a every morning just to be able to move
It involves not knowing if you will wake up tomorrow morning and find yourself in a wheelchair for the rest of your life.

These are the constant physical and emotional battles a Haemophiliac struggles with. “The doctors recently told me that I will have to go for a elbow and both ankles replacement very soon – this all at the age of 37. I feel more like an 87 year old, and scared to think what might happen to me in the future if these are my struggles at 37.”

However, I still regards myself as ‘lucky’ to be able to walk and move at his age, as many Haemophiliacs in their 30’s can not. I do however share a lot of the struggles and worries that so many Haemophiliacs has , ( the Haemophilia mutation occurs in about 1 of every 5,000 male births) such as providing for their families.
As I told u, it is impossible for me to find physical work, but that even a ‘desk job’ is hard to keep as I find myself unable to move and/or leave the house at least 4-8 days per month – now, which employer will be ‘understanding’ towards that? So not only are you in physical pain, but constantly worrying about the welfare of your family, your wife, your children. As I say “I have never been able to play ball with my children . I will never be able to run and play rugby with them. I feel sad every time when I think about that. Not sad for myself, but sad that they will never experience having a father to do those simple things with’

That is why I am regarded as a real life Superman by so many across the globe. I might have been born with a disease that has influenced every single part of my life, but I have NEVER let it define my life.
I shocked everyone, including my family, when I climbed to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro in 2018.
I also shocked everyone when I trained up as and started conducting fire walks across the globe as a motivational technique.
I know break cement and wooden blocks with the palm of my hand and bend rebars with my throat.

My main aim in life is to empower others, not necessarily only Haemophiliacs – but anyone and everyone who has something that is holding them back in life.

“He truly is South Africa’s very own Superman.”


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