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Am I a Healer

This is a practical session of exploring the innate, natural gift of healing. Cindy Holmes, an accredited healer and psychic/medium looks at what healing is, gives an overview of the energy systems and discusses the role of a Healer.

Energy Healing is a therapy that manipulates the energy circuits in our subtle or physical bodies to regain balance and facilitate the body’s innate healing mechanisms. Energy Healing can also help identify “issues” before they manifest as pain or similar distortions in the physical body. This session is not to be missed if you are looking to understand how healing works for you!


Cindy is an intuitive business & life coach/ mentor, psychic/medium and an accredited healer with the College of Psychic Studies in the UK. She is the director and a facilitator at the School of Intuition and Healing in Cape Town. Her Mission is to create learning platforms to transform the lives of others, through facilitation, coaching, mentorship, entrepreneurship, living with purpose and healing programs


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  • Hi Cindy – thanks so much for sharing your knowledge and insight in your video.
    I lost my husband in October and I’ve found that the time, space and solitude of lockdown has helped me tremendously in my healing journey. For me, it’s been a blessing. It’s exciting to hear that each and every one of us is a healer. I’m looking forward to pursuing my interest in healing.

  • Thank you so much. I am a healer and always looking to grow and expand in wisdom , healing and supporting others on their inner healing journeys.
    Thank you

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