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Radical Healing Truths

The Radical Healing Talk is a practical HEALTH and Well-Being talk combining scientific knowledge, practical tools and personal experience to share the value of greater self-awareness, self-care and physical health.
Leading, evidence-based and scientifically-supported knowledge merges with more than a decade of experience and experimentation in this Well-Being talk, sharing greater insight and valuable tools and resources to support you in bringing awareness to how you eat, feel, think, act and connect with others, so you can take small and powerful steps toward a proven, healthier and happier lifestyle.

Our current evolution of the western way of living is proving to shorten our lives significantly (12 years in the USA) as well as increasing our chances of physical dis-eases.
“Research shows that about 20% of how long you live is dictated by genes, the other 80% is dictated by lifestyle and environment in which you live.” Dan Beuttner of Blue Zone research.

The good news is, through our daily choices and habits, we have more influence and impact on our health than we realise. By bringing awareness to how we eat, feel, think, act and connect with others, we can take small and powerful steps toward a proven, healthier and happier lifestyle.
The definition of wisdom is ‘to synthesise knowledge into experience’. In this talk, Brett presents research-based knowledge (Blue Zone & Radical Remission research findings) with his own practical experience in a light and accessible way which is easy to understand and begin to apply to your own life.
Through introducing the lens of the Enneagram, which is the most powerful self-awareness tool today, Brett will also help you start to bring clarity to your core motivation, learn more about your gifts to capitalise on, as well as your challenges and how to accept them with more compassion.


Brett’s career as a life coach began in 2007. After being diagnosed with an unusually-aggressive skin cancer (squamous carcinoma) that spread into his lymphatic system and threatened him with a potentially terminal prognosis, he needed to unravel the emotional and psychological impact of his cancer journey.

He has since become a highly-reputable, sought-after cancer guide and guardian, drawing on more than a decade’s dedication to counselling, coaching, studying and personal experimentation to find true holistic wellness.

His knowledge and heart-centred approach, combined with his experience within his own cancer journey as a patient, carer, guide and guardian provide him with a unique combination of skills and wisdom to facilitate meaningful shifts in those seeking a soft landing, support, practical tools and a tangible plan towards healing.

Brett is a qualified Coaches Training Institute (CTI) life coach (2007) and an accredited Integrative Enneagram practitioner. Brett held the position of Patient Care Director at Hummingbird Cancer Centre, was the CEO of Cancer Buddies and wrote the iBuddie guidance and healing program for People Living with Cancer (PLWC) , before building his own consulting and coaching practice.

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