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5 Shifts To Find Healthy, Lasting Love

Are you successful, professional and excel in all areas of life, but still can’t seem to find love with your ideal partner?
We’re told to love ourselves and create amazing lives. That the rest will just happen naturally when the time is right… But it never does…
Feeling alone all the time. Planning another Christmas or New Year with a best friend.
The constant exhaustion of having to do everything yourself and feeling like there is something missing.
Accomplished singles tend to be driven, action focused and make rational based decisions when solving problems. But this approach (even though it has worked for every other area of your life) actually works against you in your love life.
There are 5 important shifts you need to make to go from being confused by love to finding healthy, lasting love with an amazing life partner, without facing rejection, self-doubt or working so hard at it.
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Bonita Grobbelaar is the go-to Love Coach for strong, single men and women who are ready to get off the dating spinning cycle, stop destructive relationship patterns, step into complete self-worth and acceptance and from that place, find an amazing life partner to wake up next to for the rest of their life.

A true believer that EVERYONE deserves to live a life they love with the love of their life, Bonita specializes in teaching successful singles around the globe to find and keep healthy, lasting love.

She has been working in the love industry for over a decade and has helped thousands of men and women find love faster than they ever imagined possible.


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