11:00 AM: Body and Mind Panel of experts – Live Event

Body and Mind Panel of Experts
Hosted by Nirvana Lange

Our topic of discussion with our speakers will be…

Transformation and resurrection.

How to reinventing yourself, coming out of struggle and into a new life?
Rising out of the Ashes and finding new ways of living, being and breathing.

Our speakers are:

Pravina Maharaj is a radio producer at Lotus FM SABC and when not scripting radio shows, she loves writing fiction. She’s had short stories published in YOU and DRUM magazines and is a published romance author. Angel of Ice, her debut romance novel, was shortlisted for the 2017 Minara Aziz Hassim Literary Awards.

Evelyn Alessandri – Is an Intuitive Coach, combining life coaching with energy healing. She have been in practice for 6 years. Earlier last year she decided to work on putting a gratitude journal together and before she knew it she was combing the journal with an introspective journey that the purchaser could do to help them live a happier life. Working with gratitude is the greatest gift of all.

Dawn Cameron is a professional Chirologist who uses an academic discipline and behavioral psychology to analysis the gifts, talents and potential etched in your hands. She will decode and discuss your strengths and opportunities with your relationship, career and physical well being.

Nirvana Lange is Body and Minds Communication and Broadcast specialist. And have collaborated with Traci French (Body and Mind) Since 2003. A co-ordinator, connector and creative person. Who is offering corporate branding interviews, including very professional editing for people to use on their websites, social media, blogs, or YouTube Channel.

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