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Open your “EYES” towards your unique SELF

We all have different nutritional, emotional, and spiritual needs. Please join Philadelphia-based Iridologist Birgit Lueders for information on how your eyes can point you in the right direction within today’s dietary informational jungle! Not only will you be able to learn about the body’s unique blueprint – the iris – you will also get a chance to learn to know more about the art and science of Iridology.


Birgit Lueders is a certified Master Herbalist, Iridology Instructor and Wellness Coach.
Birgit first learned the values of an organic herbal lifestyle in her home country of Austria. Since 2009 she has operated BirgitCare, a business focusing on health, wellness, and natural healing in Philadelphia, USA. Through BirgitCare, she offers personalized wellness coaching to support her clients emotional, physical and spiritual well being by using modalities like Iridology, Herbalism and Colorpuncture.
Birgit has been a speaker for several years on numerous EXPO’s and TV interviews and was recently nominated to the President of the International Iridology Practitioner Association.


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