9AM: OM Chanting Online and Earth Meditation

Bhakti Marga South Africa

Dedicated to Nurturing Unconditional Love in your heart and sharing it always.
Join us at 9am (South African Time)


A JOURNEY FROM THE MIND TO THE HEART… Love is the highest prayer and to live a life of Love is a journey that starts with an experience and becomes a lifestyle. OM Chanting is an act of loving service to all of creation. It is in giving that you will receive and will nurture the unconditional love in your heart. Come join us for OM Chanting as an act of love and service to all of creation.


For Event Information or Queries Contact:
Merylene 072 094 0777 / info@bhaktimarga.co.za

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  • OM Chanting is a spiritual vibrational experience and a self healing technique that not only help heals oneself but also helps heal all living forms within a radius of approximately 5km. Join us to have this personal experience.

  • Virginie Charlier

    We have been hosting Full Moon Om Chanting, at my venue, Joie Khaya Consciousness Centre, since June 2016 and have continued with theae online since April. It is a wonderful gentle yet powerful practice that has many benefits, not least of which to help heal crime and negative energy in communities. We are most grateful to have been able to sustain this practice every month, thanks to the ongoing dedication of James and other Bhakti Marga facilitors’. Namasté

  • Om Chanting literally brings a calming energy to one’s life…yes it’s a paradox…but it exists. This energy multiplies with the people around you. Imagine the possibilities … especially in this crazy, chaotic world we find ourselves in … if we can find some inner peace and joy for ourselves, the people we touch and create a bit of balance for our environment. Join in so that you too can have this experience.

  • I found that Om chanting is really easy but so effective. It’s a great way to do a group activity but also center within oneself. It’s a great meditation to calm the mind during these crazy times! Leaves me feeling calm and happy …like having a really great vacation.

  • Abhayaprada Dasi (Tweeda)

    Om Chanting has powerful vibrations, whereby when the leader does the invocation prayers, the Masters are actually present. My attraction to om chanting was in 2013, when I saw my late mother during the sessions, she passed on a few months before. She looked so happy, younger and energetic. She was always very ill and in and out of hospital before her demise. Seeing her that way in the spirit world actually gave me peace and acceptance of her.demise. Also I saw my daughter in laws womb, a big head was visible. I told the.leader and she said that we might get good news. Exactly 3 weeks later when my son and daughter in law came from Jhb, they told us that she is pregnant. I actually saw this before they could tell us. How amazing are the vibrations of om chanting? Also lots of healing takes place during the sessions. Please join a circle to experience the powerful vibrations. It’s so awesome that you would want to experience more, much love always…

  • Jai Gurudev, ??️,

    Please accept my humble thankful obeisances all glories to Swami Vishwananda..

    Om chanting at Bhakti Marga has taught me that I am a spark of the divine. When I Om, I reconnect with my natural divinity. On days when I awaken to the struggles inherent in life, sitting before my meditation altar and humming a few strong Oms can help shift my perspective and remind me of my true nature. It empowers, strengthens, and emboldens me to do my best work in the world.

    Sarsha Rugpath
    Durban KwaZulu-Natal south Africa

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