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Activate your Stem Cells for Healing

As we age our stem cells become less effective and their ability to repair damaged tissue is reduced. – the slower you heal. Additional loss occurs due to illness and exposure to all the electronics in our lives.

The old school approach to get new stem cell production in your body is to get traditional stem cell injections, which can be expensive, painful and invasive.

Come learn about a recent major scientific breakthrough in Stem Cell Technology that activates your own stem cells  and resets them to a younger, healthier state. If you want the same healing power your stem cells had in your youth, then you need to stimulate their production and activate them. This talk will show you how!


Beth Greer, Founder/CEO of The True Vitality Project, is an award-winning journalist, environmental health educator, and documentary film producer. Her bestselling book, “Super Natural Home: Improve Your Health, Home and Planet…One Room at a Time” (Rodale), a Books for a Better Life Award Finalist, is endorsed by Deepak Chopra, Ralph Nader, and Dr. Joe Mercola. For almost two decades, Beth’s work has touched the lives of thousands of people in her writing, consulting programs and online events. She eliminated a tumor in her chest without drugs or surgery by making shifts in her diet, and the products she uses in her home.

Beth is former President and Co-Owner of The Learning Annex, an acclaimed adult education company. She has appeared on ABC, NBC, CNN, NPR and on local and national radio shows across the country. Beth is an inspiring speaker who presents at industry expos, corporations, spas, health centers and schools on the importance of eliminating toxins from our everyday products.

Beth is a trusted consumer advocate in the Natural Product and Sustainability Market and is leading a movement of awareness and responsibility about environmental health. Visit her website for valuable strategies, insights, techniques and proven methods to radically transform health and vitality.


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