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At our BeeLightCrystals shop in Durban we sell a range of Crystals, pendants, crystal jewelry, Incense, Smudges( like sage & frankincense), inspirational books and more…
Often our customers come in for over the counter readings plus guidance as well. So the readings combines different modalities like Chirology ( Hand reading), Medicine cards and a very simple process called Infinity…Which using ones breath to slow or stop the mind.
Customers also get a physical smudging whilst having the reading, which clears negative energies. Ending off with a Native Indian Navajo handmade flute.

This talk will simulate a typical healing guidance over the counter, using my Brazilian partner Kitty as a willing participant.
Enlarge for full effect.
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Barry Jacobs Born 1952, in Johanesburg. I lived in Zimbabwe until the age of 24. I have had many walks of life, Meteorology, Geology, Television and Advertising. I am an avid lover of planes, spent 5000 hrs in Zim war in Dakotas flying troops & supplies. Ended up owning my own Cessna 152.

Worked in various retails and wholesales with TV, Video and Photography. I owned a car audio agency after a stint in the UK in 2003 and then I came back to SA. I worked in a crystal shop and in 2007 I was able to start Beelight Crystals .

I started a spiritual path (Science of the Soul) at the age of 19. Traveled to India, and recent years to Egypt and Findhorn spiritual community. Did shamanic experiences with John Kehoe and Michael Owen using Native American and Carlos Castonados called Holding the Fire & Awakening. Mind power John Kehoe. Antony Robins Power Talk.

I have trained and taught Indian Head Massage, Kuhuna Massage, Thai Yoga massage and Chirology hand reading.

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Leave a comment below to stand a chance to win a Giveaway.

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