Author: Priscilla Gendron

Colette van Heerden – South Africa – Video

Earth-body: Self Discovery Through Earth Discovery The talk would be about the Earth-body website. It would include:How EB worksWhy would you buy readingsHow to use readingsAnd general How To’s on the site, like how to purchase readings,...

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Linda Vargas – South Africa – Video

Did YOU pack your bag? Did YOU pack your bag? This talk aims to create awareness of the mental baggage that many of us carry. The topic suggests taking individual responsibility for the beliefs and mental programmes we all carry. Linda Vargas will...

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Nidhi Kaku – India – Video

Sculpting Health and Wellness Health is empowering self development. Enrouting healthy lifestyles, detoxifying mind and relishing nourishing platers, fosters wellness. Also, identifying the causative factors that disrupts the equilibrium of health...

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