Authentically ME – Unified Round Table

Multidimensional Unified Round Table
Meeting of the Minds in Higher Consciousness
ONE is everything and EVERYTHING is ONE
Unified field

Host Nirvana Lange

I am a truth seeker and known as a Conspiracy Realist, Theorist.
My quest is to go deeper and look beyond the veil of lies.
My friends call me their “crazy friend”!
My Family the sister from another Galaxy..,
I Ask the questions… That you are you thinking, but not Asking.

Charlie Freak (Freek)

Charlie has spent most of his life seeking actual Truth about himself & humanity both through the tangible world (applying the Scientific Method) & through the intangible world of Consciousness (by going deep within himself)… eventually find our own personal Balance & Harmony. Thus, FreaksenseTV, is dedicated so that all of Humanity can break free and soar!

Janie Lin Smith

Janie Lin Smith
Certified Intuitive Life Coach
NLP, Hypnotherapist, Speaker 
International #1 Best Selling Author

As a Galactic Code Activator, Janie Lin is a 3x international #1 Bestselling Author, Pattern Interrupter, Master Energy Tuner and a Facilitator.
Certified Intuitive Life Coach
NLP, Hypnotherapist, Speaker
International #1 Best Selling Author

Charlie Ward

Husband Father and Grandfather trying to establish Truth.

Nadine May

Author: Visionary fiction – Awakening to our Ascension and Art Therapy workbook and journals on the Language of Light

Dan Abdelnoor/ AKA Doggy Dan

Dan is a powerful man who holds Divine Father-Christ Consciousness ENERGY and is a bridge between the Human and Animal kingdoms🌏🐾🐾🐾

Jenni Abdelnoor

🌸 Soul Embodiment Practitioner
🌸Bridging the Anatomy and Autopsy of Self Sovereign Relationship
🌸Shadow Self Integration and Sacred Union
🌸Movement, Breathe, Myofascial and Energy Medicine Practitioner and Sacred Rebel.
🌸 Channel for the REALMS of Animal and Earth Consciousness

Every Voice Is Different. And Everyone’s Voice Is Needed… This is My Voice!
How far can we go? Are you prepared to journey deeper with me? Share your vulnerabilities, beliefs and fears?
By connecting we discover the best from / of each other. Inspire – Challenge – Transform – Connecting AND Learning Together!
I Ask the questions… That you are you thinking, but not Asking?
This is Authentically Me
I am Nirvana Lange
And my guest today is….

Divine Round Table, Jenni Abedlnoor, Unified, unified Round Table

Comments (8)

  • That Is awesome Nirvana. I would love to be included on one of your round tables. I believe I have an important contribution to make. with 33 years of spiritual journeying and truth seeking. Time to include some Australian voices to make it truly Global. My soul is reaching out to you all to be heard.
    Hope to hear from you and have an opportunity to maybe have a zoom conversation.
    Love and light always as together we raise the vibration of humanity to a New Earth experience.
    Yvonne Teoh Bource

  • Looking very much forward to these 3/free days of sharing by these amazing souls of a female persuasion. May you all connect in ways like never before & breathe further life & light into this now so no shadow is left alone to wonder why it is so.
    Thank you for coming together & charging the ethers with love & light so we may soon all bask in the glory of benevolent truth.
    Peace Love Prosperity to All

  • Thank you for all the love, Support and connections.
    I will Connet with you after this weekend and will set up more round tables.
    Peace Love Prosperity
    (PS 💜💛Gaggs, Con Tute Le Mia Vita)

  • The time has come for another Round Table, to speak Truth, to remove Fable, some may think that we’re unstable, bye-bye bye-bye bye-bye Babel. No more Lies, No more Deception, it is time for pure Reception, only Truth in your Perception, to Real-Eyes the Pure Conception. A World of many but all together, like one flock of different feathers, a collective bunch that never say never, because we Win when all together. My message is Simple , my message is True, this a collective of me & you, all together, together as One, for One is the Many under the Sun. I could continue but now I’ll stop, for I don’t want this to be a flop, for I shall flip it to the top, cause in the end we will all Rock. We may be, the 3rd Rock from the Sun, out in the boondocks, a species on the run, our Galactic Family having fun, watching us learn what we have spun. So as we Spin it, in to Truth, now is the time, shout it from the roof, I should of finished when I said, as I now have a sore head. But I will continue in Evolution, for it is the only Solution, no longer must we think Revolution, for repeating the past is a Pollution. A Pollution of Mind, a Pollution of Perception, repeating the Past is a Deception, what comes next may be Insurrection but is that the answer to this Infection. Corona Corona everywhere, wash your hands , tie back your hair, how much longer must we fare, wear the mask, do you not care. Stop the Lies, Entropy is dead, you gotta get that in your Head, We must remember there’s just One Truth, that all together we Win this Rouse.

    Peace Love Prosperity To All

    Have a Fantastic Round Table

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