Antonia Daniek – Germany

Create from Within & Join To Win

Join Antonia as she talks about being present in the moment and being connected with your passion, your purpose and your Vision and then taking inspired action and moving forward while co creating with others, thats the part the is truly magical its the inner connection and its the outer connection.


Antonia loves all life. She believes in co-creating a world of meaning, of reconnection.
A world where People support each other, locally, inter culturally and in between social groups. A world where we communicate from the heart. She envisions a society where knowledge, insights, resources and tools are shared to improve the life and environment for all of us.
At the root of this she sees the importance of people being passionately connected to their essence, to Mother Earth and to each other, so they can collaborate and co-create their part of the New Earth.

Antonias Mission is to inspire, encourage and empower one million WisdomCircles to thrive in the Spirit of Togetherness, compassion and authentic self-expression, bringing Big Visions to Life and Peace and Healing to the World.

As a Transformational Coach, Conscious Leader, Speaker and Author Antonia is opening the space to explore oneself, to connect to the inner source and higher vision and to find and take the steps to go there. Her #WalkYourVision programs focus is on Personal Coaching and Holistic Business Development for Entrepreneurs, Coaches and Therapists, who want to be part of the global change by expressing their essence and sharing their unique gifts. She helps them to make the impact they wish to make.


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