There are 70,000 thoughts that come into our mind in 24 hrs. It is up to us how to deal with them as every part of your body can hear your thoughts and feel your emotions.  
Your body can’t outrun the thoughts that flow through your mind; every single one of your cells literally vibrates with the energy that your thoughts create. If we are in a positive  mindset, we are happy and joyful, but if we are not, the signals received by the cells start causing  aches and pains. This could be the beginning of minor or major health issues. Continuous self care and focusing on positivity in life may save mental and physical health.


Nur Ray is a FE teacher, Reiki healer, Emotional Freedom Technique Muse, life entrepreneur and a mother. She worked in education sector as an administrator, apprentice recruitment officer, coordinator, FE teacher, NVQ Assessor and NVQ Verifier for 16 years, carer in the UK. Nur helped hundreds of adult learners to gain their qualifications in various subjects including literacy and numeracy. She holds EFT Practitioner, Reiki Master, Cognitive Behavior Therapy qualifications. She did voluntary work to help many to gain their health and well-being. Nur also works with angels, ascended masters and spirit guides to inspire others. She writes blogs which are informative as well as inspirational.



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