Andrea Putting – Australia

Chocolate & Coffee Breaks – breaking down barriers

Chocolate, Coffee and Conversation. What a delicious combination. What better way can there be to change the world?
How can sharing these simple pleasures bring people together and melt the barriers that divide us? Andrea Putting is passionate about Community and Belonging and has found that in these simple pleasures in life give us the opportunity to nurture each other. Here we discover that Opposites and the Same.
In this talk you will learn ;
• The power of sharing chocolate
• Simple ways to reach out and make the difference that we all long to make.
• How to discover the sameness in others and nurture new friendships that grow the future.


Andrea’s passion for community was awakened by a siege at a Chocolate Cafe inspiring her to start Chocolate and Coffee Day for Religious Harmony. With 40 years in community leadership, she saw how the catalyst for change emerges with the invitation to the table. And so, Chocolate and Coffee Breaks was born to help nourish and create communities where people thrive and innovation flourishes. As a Speaker and Author, she inspires you to create new ways of being, and lead into the future with visionary action.


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