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Womens Hormone Health

As a woman, do you know how your hormones work in your body?

Women go through 3 phases in her lifetime, puberty, fertility and puberty in reverse which is menopause.

I will share with you how you have a different body every week of the month

How your menstrual cycle works and the different hormones involved

How you can navigate the different weeks of your menstrual cycle to benefit your life

What happens to your menstrual cycle in Perimenopause

What a hormone imbalance is and how your hormones get out of balance

What are the symptoms of a hormone imbalance

How you can create more balance of your hormones with less symptoms so you can go on to create a healthy life


My name is Andrea and I am a womens hormone and fat loss expert

I have had my own issues of a hormone imbalance myself

I have been on my own journey navigating perimenopause and am now in menopause

I have spent the last 10+ years studying womens hormones and how they are affected by nutrition, lifestyle, toxins, mindset and gut health

I have also studied Nutritional Therapy with The Health Sciences Academy


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