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Your Story? Or YOUR Life!

Healing Negative Intent Imprints and Shadow in Your Life Story
Are you your mother’s first born? Or were you born after the death of your mother’s first child? Are you an only child? These birth order circumstances may become an emotional set-up for taking on the Negative intent imprints of Golden Child, or Mother’s Twin and having your mother’s Shadow Self intertwine with your individuation very early in life.
Developing and maintaining healthy emotional boundaries isn’t a conscious, desired outcome for mother’s who suffer grief and loss in childbearing years. If you recognize these circumstances as your own, you have likely been raised in a family system with dysfunctional boundaries. This put you at risk for emotional rejection, shaming, sabotage or of betrayal of your self-confidence.

This talk is meant for you if you struggle with trusting yourself, trusting others and feeling safe in close relationships. Gain body-based and energy field insight into how to shift your life experience to feeling radically alive, free of Shadow Self constraints and pain to become deliciously accepting of who you are, loving the unfolding of your unique life story.

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Wisdom Body! A self-paced online course.

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  • Darling Anaiis – I so loved listening to your wisdom and insights. Bless you for your beautiful work and the light that you are ,thank you so much .xo

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