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Your personal vibration is your universal signature that attracts what you will experience in your life.

Join Dr Ana Harvey as she discusses how to identify and increase your personal vibrational frequency so you can experience a well-lived life.


Dr. ANA HARVEY is a native New Yorker who was given the name Doctor Phenomena by her fans because she is a doctor (psychology) and because of her life’s research, books and public events are on the life phenomena of human beings and in increasing personal power, self-development and growth using energy, specifically vibrational frequencies. She created the LEP Frequency Tool that identifies and increases vibrational frequencies in all consciousness fields, mental, emotional, physical/sensory and spiritual. A person’s vibrational frequency is their universal signature and only draws like energy to them. In order to attract an abundant life full of well-being and prosperity the person must vibrate in high frequency. Her highly successful books and seminars leave people motivated, inspired, energized and with actionable tools to immediately begin creating the future they want to face!


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