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The Solar Flash – Navigating the Light

“In this Video Alexander Quinn explains the mysteries surrounding the solar flash forecast for the 21st of December 2020. As vibrations rise on earth we face a new dawn for human consciousness. Photonic light and Gamma particles are hitting earth in large quantities currently with a projected flash or pulse that will signal the official dawn of the golden age of Gaia, otherwise known as the age of Aquarius. How will this effect us, what will it feel like and what impact will this have on us going forward? Let’s get started!”


In 2012 I had what many call, “The Long Dark Tea Time Of The Soul”. It was my spiritual awakening and it was born out of a traumatic accident that ended up putting me in hospital. Up until that point I had never questioned my reality and was firmly still living a 3D life stuck in the matrix. It was soon after this period I started having contact with ETs/Angelic beings and more with the “clair” abilities beginning to develop. I went through an almost urgent path of trying to find out who I was and why I was on earth, working my way out of what felt like total darkness at the time going back to the light. Did I feel like I was losing it? I SURE DID! My mission is to help and offer support to those awaking who are searching for answers and perhaps even feel lost ! This channel is for spiritual, ET, Metaphysical lovers and more. You’ll find interviews here with experienced players from this world and video at a time, I break it all down and build the big picture to you. MUCH LOVE. Alex


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