Aeson Knight – USA

Going Through Hell? Keep Going

We have all suffered loss, of loved ones, of the things that we have wanted, of dreams we had. And it hurts. Getting stuck in our grief, in our frustration, in guilt and blame. Suffering each milestone, one day, one week, one year can become a perpetual way of life. A painful way of life, one that turns memories into daggers, and cuts us off from the rest of our life. This talk offers insight and advice on moving forward after loss, out of grief, and into the place where you can live again.


Aeson has been advising people since 1998, first as a Psychic and also as a Certified Life Coach, helping others isn’t just a job, it’s a mission. Focusing on you, your career, your relationships, all the parts of your life, Aeson is here to help. Through the classes he teaches, the events he is at, as well as the sites, groups, and forums that he manages. Aeson strives everyday to help people in their journey.

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