Global Conference

This conference will be open until the end of July for you to watch the speakers videos. 

Our Online Conference serves as a platform to share knowledge from a diverse group of Global Guest Speakers, Entertainers and their Services so that we can reach a wide-spectrum audience.

We invite you to join us for a 3 day conference. This is an opportunity NOT TO BE MISSED to expand your horizon!

Our aim is to bring together an amazing select group of people that will not only uplift and inspire everyone that attends, but set a flow of optimism in motion.

Countries Represented

Global Summit of Speakers

We all in this together

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              Purchase your Early Bird ticket now for $6 until 28 June. July our normal price will be $10 for a weekend access to all our Guest Presenters from around the world who will speaking on various health and well being topics.




              We are grateful to all our wonderful sponsors who have made this event possible.

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              World Institute for Incurable Diseases (WIID)

              Body and Mind

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              Body and Mind is a health and wellness online marketing company which was established in April 2000 by Traci French. Body and Mind promotes the A-Z of all complementary and alternative therapies, cognitive services, along with mainstream health practitioners, all on the same platform. At the end the day be it Aromatherapy or Zen meditation, it’s all about making YOU feel fantastic!

     is a NATIONAL directory of health professionals which include an online shopping facility where relating products to support and improve your overall health and vitality can be obtained.

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